a child is born

T he night was silent; stars filled the sky,the hillside was alight with small fires as the            shepherds warm themselves against the chill of the night.

H ow wonderful and peaceful, no one could imagine what was soon to happen; or how it      would change everything for all people.

E ven the animals grazing in the fields and those in their stalls could feel something was      very different about this particular night.


S tillness engulfed the township of Bethlehem as never before; the streets normally busy     with travelers, were now still.

A magical moment awaited the undeserving world, unaware of the glory soon to come          upon it.  Would it be ready?

V olumns had been written to announce the coming event, it was fore told by the                    prophets; the birth of this child.

I n a land far away, travelers prepare to follow a great star; it’s appearance in the                   heavens acknowledging the birth of a king.

O ver the road they traveled bringing their gifts for the child, to honor and give him              glory  only he was worthy to receive.

R ejoice all people, rejoice; your salvation is at hand, this child that is born has come to          save all men.


H ow can this be, some might ask? how can a babe rescue man? The answer to the                  question, this is no ordinary child; he is the Only son of God.

A ngels serenade the world with songs announcing the Holy birth, peace and goodwill to      all on the earth.

Stars seem to dance in the night sky, the moon joins in the celebration along with all             nature; giving witness to the saviors appearing.


C ome to Bethlehem and see, Christ the new born king; this invitation is given to you and      me,  to visit the quiet babe in the manger.

O come let us adore him, who is Christ the Lord; for he will save his people from their          sins and set them free.

M any hearts will be changed as the babe grows into a man; sacrifice himself on the             cross, buried in the tomb, but raised on the 3rd day with all power in his hands.

E ternity he offers to all who is willing to take his hand; accept his gift of salvation and         turn from their wicked ways.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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