between the covers

A world of wonder can be found between the covers, what covers; you ask? Well it could be the pages in a book or as one popular song states” between the sheets”. I’m sure that brings back memories for some of us.  When you pick up a book your attention is captured by the front cover; in the middle lay the adventure the author has penned for your enjoyment, finally the back cover puts an end to the story.

Sitting on the porch watching the ran fall on a spring day, the drops singing it’s song on the porch cover; the biggest tree on the yard, it’s branches reaching out over the landscape offering a shady cover under which we rest.  A nice warm blanket on a cold winter night snuggled next to someone you love. Simple, but; needed protection from the chill in the air.

How often do you give thought to how or what covers you?  There are so many kinds of coverings; coats, umbrellas, gloves, and hats. These would be considered personal coverings.  He was covered in swaddling cloth, Heavens perfect jewel; laying on a bed of hay in a stable as the starry night covered the hillside. A sinless child born into a world of sin.

His journey had begun along this read of life, divinity covered in flesh to suffer human strife. Our grief he understood and our pain he bore, tempted as we are but never yielding.  Holding to his Fathers hand he trod earths sin scarred land, reaching out in compassion and love to every man.

He became our assurance, covering us with his blood; to present us to his Father as new creatures transformed by his love.  His story has resonated through time changing hearts in every generation, all who are willing he invites to come unto him; we can find rest beneath his wings.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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