the gathering

Excitement filled the streets, each store window dressed in an array of beautiful lights; shoppers pass each other with smiling faces.  Everywhere it seemed preparation for the gathering had begun. From many homes the aroma of tasty treats drifted into  the air. Cookies, cakes,and pies; roasted turkey, ham, and sweet potatoes.

Preparation for the gathering was in full swing, yet; not everyone will be participating. Some of us look forward to every opportunity to get together with those we love; it could be a birthday celebration, a marriage ceremony, or even a sad occasion such as in death. During these times we gather, cook, and enjoy each others company.

We relive  moments that have past and share our future plans.  We talk about how the kids have grown over the year and who has had great achievements. However, in some homes this bright light of life doesn’t exist; no celebrations, no gatherings, and no fellowship.  The pantry is bare, no aroma floating in the air.

They only had each other, now well up in age all their family and friend were now gone; they were the last of their generation and feeling forgotten.  She was so confused, her parents just didn’t understand her; they couldn’t know how she was feeling. What else could she do but leave; the street has now become her home, lost and alone.

In life there is two sides to every circumstance, when there is celebration, somewhere there is sadness.  Not everyone enjoys the privilege of the gathering.  Those who enjoy this privilege must be mindful of those in our midst who are not as fortunate, we must consider them by including them in our gatherings.

It doesn’t have to be a big celebration, small celebrations bring the same joy and happiness to those who are lonely and lost.  Any kindness we extend is appreciated by those who feel they are forgotten.  I’m sure most of us don’t realize it was a very small gathering many years ago that changed the world for all of us.

On a hillside in Jerusalem the event occurred, attending was Mary, Joseph, some shepherds and a small group of animals.  The starry night held the wonder of anticipation;  the king had arrived and joy  had come to the world.  This one event was the beginning of the greatest story of a life that has ever been told.

A babe born to save the world from the decay caused by disobedience.  A life freely given in sacrifice for others.  The example of unconditional love and selflessness.  Shortly we will gather in homes across our country to commemorate this wonderful gift to mankind; your gathering may be large or small,  reach out to someone who maybe alone or without resources to celebrate during this season of giving.

The greatest gift one can give or receive is the gift of love, share yourself with someone this holiday season.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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