a time to share

Often in life we find we are so busy we don’t have time to breath. If it’s not our employment, it’s our families, or it maybe we’re trying to complete our education in an institute of higher learning; no matter what consumes our time, it seems there is never enough time to share with others.

We become so caught up in living from day to day we forget how important it is to keep our relationships filled with vitality. This is done by taking the time to share ourselves with others.  It may be necessary to re-prioritize our lives to make room for everything and everyone of importance to us.

When we take the time to spend with those we love we reaffirm our love for them, strengthen our relationships, and allow the joy of fellowship to slow our pace for a while from the hurried life we choose to live.  There is an old saying ” take time to smell the roses” which indicates we should never be so busy we forget to enjoy the beauty of the world Our Father has given  to us or the people he has enriched our lives with.

Unfortunately, we tend to let life separate us from family, friends, and most important from Our Heavenly Father.  We sometimes feel that friends and family will understand, they will accept the fact that we just don’t have time for them; but we’ll change that as soon as we have time.

Yet, he who is the giver of life should never have to wait to spend time with his children.  Each moment we take a breath should remind us to thank him, given him praise, and stop everything to spend time with him before we start the day.  There is a evil presence that is trying to keep us distracted, caught up, and hurrying through life.

He wants us to forget how important it is to share our time with the Father, family and friends. It is his goal to remove us from any source of pure love in our lives then replace it with the superficial love of worldly things.  To combat his efforts we must share our time daily with the Father that we can be fortified against these attacks.

Fortification will give us clear vision to recognize the enemy, to recognize the importance of control of our lives and not being controlled by our lives. Fortification will allow us to maintain harmony and balance in our lives, we will not neglect, but share our time with those important to our well being.

With each new day we will rise renewed anticipating our time with the Father before we greet the world.  As we approach the celebration of our Saviors birth take time to share with all placed in your pathway his story of love and sacrifice, remember your reflection of Christ’s love just may be the only way to lead others to him.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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