mending broken fences

Fences can be seen as very inconsequential or very important, they can protect or hinder.  There are many kinds of fencing materials; wood, metal, plastic and wire.  The material is usually chosen according to the purpose and size of the fence.

In life we find we crate many fences, some to separate  us and some to contain us. The proverbial  American dream includes a house with a white picket fence around it; this was the essence of what every family desired, it said to others you had arrived.

However, what looks to be perfect on the outside is not always as perfect as it looks.  It only takes one brake in the fence to cause a great breach. What was meant to be kept out can gain entrance and what was meant to be kept in can easily escape.

Broken fences should be mended as soon as a breach is discovered, it is the same with relationships; often we fail to realize that a breach in a relationship has occurred.  As flawed human beings we tend to hide our true  feelings from each other.

We hope things will correct themselves without us having to acknowledge any responsibility for the breach or any responsibility to repair the breach.  Unfortunately, a breach that is not acknowledged only grows wider with  the passing of time.

The more time that passes the greater the distance to reconciliation and forgiveness.  Sometimes it is as simple as saying “I’m sorry, you misunderstood what I said”; to mend the broken relationship or just letting someone know their feelings mattered to you.

Everyone wants to feel they are important, that they matter, and the relationship you share is special.  Our heavenly Father admonishes us to forgive that we can be forgiven, we must therefore mend any broken fences discovered in our lives.

It is important to protect the relationships we cherish; we must restore, nourish, and close any breach that may threaten them. As you build your relationships strengthen them with love and fortify them with faith.

Using the right materials will grantee the fence will endure, when we Trust in the Lord he shall preserve our going out and coming in from this time forth and forever more; his arms will be our fence of protection.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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