unexpected miracles

Have you ever experienced something you could not explain? Has your needs been met from an unexpected source, when no one knew you had the need? Have you started out to go somewhere early, but; for some reason a delay made you late, you then find out had you been early your life could’ve changed because  a tragic accident occurred on the road you would’ve been traveling.

Has there been a time in your life that you found yourself somewhere and not know why you are there, someone needs help; you are impressed to provide their need.  It would seem you were in that place  for such a time as this.  It could be said you where that persons Miracle.  Miracles happen everyday, unfortunately; we don’t recognize them for what they really are.

The doctor said it was cancer, you gave the problem to the Great Physician; no more cancer.  You were told your child would be born with a debilitating defect, but; your baby was born fat and healthy.  Sometimes it’s just the little things, hearing your child’s first words or see their smiling faces, these we take for granted. However, the blind don’t see what you are privileged to see nor do the deaf hear what you can hear.

To awake each day is your miracle, the opportunity to be a Miracle Maker for someone in need.  Miracles come in all sizes nothing you do for someone else is to be considered to small; help someone across the street, feed the hungry, or offer transportation.  Little miracles are just as important as big ones.  To be the unexpected miracle in someone’s life creates hope in a time of hopelessness.

Allow the love that flows from the Father to touch a heart that needs his touch, this will fill your heart with joy knowing you have been a vessel he has used.  Thou will show me the path of life, in thy presence is the fullness of joy; Our Father grants us the miracle that is life each day, we must honor him by living the best life we are capable of living.  Be vigilant; eyes open, ears open and heart open knowing you can be a UNEXPECTED MIRACLE MAKER in  someones life.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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