can you be trusted?

Can you keep a secret? is the question asked before someone whispers in your ear, they must share; the secret has become to burdensome to carry alone. This usually happens between family or close friends. Most of us feel strangers can’t be trusted with secrets of the heart, but; we can trust those we love.

Unfortunately, this is not always true; sometimes family and friends are the greatest betrayers of the trust placed in them.  Each time you share your self with someone you take a risk, as you open your life to them you hope they can be trusted. In life at one time or another you will have to consider those you invite into your life.

The doctor, neighborhood police officer, the fireman, teacher, and even the market you shop at all provide services you may need and depend on; you trust these providers, some even with your life.  If they are trust worthy is never a concern when interacting with any of them.

Our environments have changed so rapidly that is no longer the case, now when dealing with those same providers we have great concerns; today it is hard to trust the police officer even though he is sworn to serve and protect.  It is hard to trust the food you purchased from the market is fresh as it can possibly be when sold to you.

It is hard to trust that your doctor is giving you the best advise and treatment for your health complaint and not just trying to increase their financial status with unnecessary procedures or give medication you can do without to benefit pharmacy companies. Each day we start out in faith, believing we can trust our decisions and actions.

As uncertain as life is, there is still a very trust worthy friend we can always depend on;”eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him”.  Our Father is always available to hear the concerns of our hearts, share our burdens and will never betray our trust in him.

We never have to worry that he will be to busy for us; like some of our family and friends may be, he will always have time to hear our voice when we call out to him in prayer. We must just believe and we can receive the petitions of the heart, however; we must trust him to know what is best for us and accept his decision.

So my question to you, CAN YOU BE TRUSTED?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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