the last piece of the puzzle

Did you know you are a piece in the puzzle of life? In the beginning the puzzle fit beautifully together, every piece in it’s prospective place. Unfortunately, the beauty of the puzzle was destroyed by the enemy of beauty; he changed the face of the puzzle.

Some of the pieces were totally lost, some distorted, some misplaced, and some confused as to their position in the picture.  As the enemy surveyed his destruction a sinister smile of accomplishment adorned his face.

Each of us has the responsibility to search our hearts, identify who we are in the puzzle, and where we rightly fit in the picture.  The enemy will not allow us to easily access this information; every distraction, storm or confusing tactic he has will be used against us.

The heart of the Creator was broken when he saw the destruction of the enemy to his beautiful picture. He immediately began to seek the pieces that were lost, misplaced, distorted, and confused.

A conference with his Son was necessary to plan a strategy to reclaim each piece of the puzzle.  The Son volunteered to physically search for each piece, but; that would require him to leave home and journey on the earth.

It might even require his humanity be sacrificed, knowing all that was required; he choose to accept the charge. Like his Father his heart was also broken by the changes to the beautiful puzzle his Father created in the beginning.

His journey began as a child, as he grew he learned the many ways the enemy had changed the picture; he used power, greed, evil works, violence, and poverty to name some of the ways to hide puzzle pieces behind.

As a diamond is uncovered from the coal, each puzzle piece had to be released from their hiding place and restored to the picture frame. The Son diligently searched for each piece.

when uncovered his love revealed the Fathers love and desire to restore it to it’s rightful position in the puzzle. Many who were lost were found, many who were confused received clarity.

But the search continues.  We know his blood was required, a sacrifice for sin. He left us with the message he would be coming back again.  The picture is not complete, there are puzzle pieces missing.

Do you know you could be that missing piece still needing to be restored. Have you searched your heart? do you know who you are and where you fit in the puzzle? Just give it some serious thought, you just might be ” The Last piece in the puzzle”.

my revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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