walking through the valley

“Yea, though I walk through the valley and the shadow of death thou are with me”.  Have you ever felt you were going through life alone? No one to help you over the huddles in your pathway. Life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad, joy and sadness; we all face circumstances we can’t control.

There will be times we all need a shoulder to lean on, someone to extend a helping hand in the time of need.  It may just be a word of encouragement that is needed, a prayer from the faithful, or just a smile of genuine concern. Sometimes we just need a listening ear that allows us to speak the cares of our hearts.

When we are in the valley, life seems bleak, uncertain, and sometimes hopeless.  The valley’s in our lives are necessary, they give us the opportunity to grow.  In the valley our eyes are open to our fallibility, we learn persistence,  and our faith finds it’s strength. In the valley we see clearly the defects in our characters.

It is there we recognize our need for a redeemer, for forgiveness of our sins, and for renewal.  We must be confident that he that begin a good work in us will continue it until the return of Jesus the Christ.  Surrender is necessary, we must surrender self to the redeemer; we must walk in his will for us.

In the valley experience, we must learn the lessons the valley teaches; then we will walk on the path designed for our life journey by Our Creator in the beginning.   We will emerge from the valley experience victorious when we choose to follow the good Shepard. we can know without any doubt that we are never alone.

Though the shadows of death surround us, the enemy is on the attack, uncertainty seeks to cloud our vision, and our frail frame grows weak; in Christ is found everything we need to walk through the valley.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.




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