Many define the term “blackout” as the shortage of or disconnection of energy, it can also be a medical term which means to faint or lose consciousness. Total darkness is the result of a blackout, some times loss of memory is also associated with this event.

There are some people who need a blackout to get a good night sleep, they have curtains in their homes that filters out all light from the room or they mask their eyes with a mask that filters out all light. Even in today’s video games the term is used as a military operation.

During a period of time in our world there was a blackout on truth, men of power denied the truth of the Gospel and replaced it with their own interpretation of the truth.  This counterfeit Gospel was established in the place of true worship of the Creator.

The common man was indebted to do whatever those in power dictated in search of Salvation and Forgiveness of sin. Those who refused to accept this Gospel were eliminated from life. Those in power would not allow for any thought but their own, to disagree was to sign your death warrant.

For this reason many who believed in Jesus the Christ and the lessons he taught gave the ultimate sacrifice for him. I know some of you are saying that was in times past and things are different now, but; are they really?

Have you blacked out the words of the bible as to the times before the return of  Christ? has the enemy blacked out your mind and you have lost memory of your Creator? are you like the horse with blinders on and can only see the road straight ahead of you? Do you not realize death is not the end and eternity is at stake?

The promise of eternity was give by Jesus the Christ to all who take up their cross and follow him; study the word of God, obey the leading of his Holy Spirit, give up self and allow Jesus to change their lives into his character.

Be not deceived we have been warned, all who follow Jesus will suffer persecution as he has suffered persecution, but; those who endure even unto death will gain eternal life. Yes, even now in places in today’s world there are those who are being persecuted even unto death for their belief in Jesus the Christ.

Each day reveals the soon return of our Redeemer, will you be ready to see him?  It is time to take the blinders off our eyes, unplug our ears, and open our hearts to the True Gospel and return to True Worship of our Creator.

His word is Truth, when opened it will lead us into understanding his will for his people through the Holy Spirit, it will prepare us to meet our Lord at his return, and it will teach us True Worship. It is from total darkness our Creator spoke, light; and light appeared. In his light no darkness can exist.

Those who desire eternity must walk in his light, no other light can lead the way; beware of false prophets and false doctrine.  Study the word of God for yourself, in it he is revealed to you.  By this you will be prepared for the next BLACKOUT of truth which is still to come//

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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