cast forth your line

Fishing is a very important trade, in many regions of the world it is the main source of employment; a great food source, and a great pass time.   It is considered by many a very relaxing sport, as well as a good time for reflection. Some fishermen feel the best time to go fishing is in the twilight hours when it is still dark.

For some, the earlier the better your chance of a good catch. Some don’t really care if they get a catch , they just enjoy sitting on the bank of the river or pond with pole in  the water.  Is fishing one of the sports you enjoy? Some of us are considered fishing enthusiast, experts in the sport.

To get a catch you must use the right type of bait to attract the fish and the best equipment to get the job done.  The lures, reels and rods used are all important to a successful outcome.  Where you fish is also important, it determines the type of fish you can catch.  Some like to fish in the river, some the ocean, some in stocked ponds and some in the fish market .

Th greatest fisherman of all times, Jesus Christ; commissioned his followers to become fishers of men.  He laid the foundation in the twelve, who then took his message to a sinful world. It was from this beginning Christ’s church was born.  Through the years the enemy, Satan; has tried every way he could to extinguish the light of Christ’s church and his message to the lost.

Yet, the Love of Christ still penetrates the hearts of the lost bringing regeneration and restoration.  This world is the fishing hole, you who have chosen to follow Christ are the fishermen; it is your commission to cast your line unto the lost of this world, which is your testimony of deliverance.  It is the Light shining through you that will light the way to the Master Fisherman.

The message of his Love, Death, and Resurrection will open closed eyes and soften harden hearts through the Holy Spirit.  Do not get discouraged if you loose your catch, everyone will not be accepting of your message.  The dark waters of this world still holds them tantalized by it’s enticements.

We must remember some men like the darkness because their deeds are evil. No matter how much you show the love of Christ, there will be those who choose to be lost.  Don’t give up hope, continue to Cast Forth Your Line.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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