do you know him?

Have you ever been walking with  someone or talking to someone when you are interrupted by someone you don’t recognize? you say to your companion, ” do you know him?” Only to be told ” no I don’t”.

For some reason you can’t understand, that person stays on your mind.  You are puzzled by why you didn’t recognize them, where they may have known you from, or should you have known who they were.

In life we meet so many people in passing, they become just another face in the crowd of many faces in our memory.  To have an impression of someone we will remember requires time spent in their company.

We must build memories, relationships, share in each others lives and lean on them in time of trouble. There will be times we meet people we don’t know and who don’t know us, but ; are attracted to us for various reasons.

Some are attracted to our smile,  to some our friendly disposition, some to our physical appearance, and some to our intellect. When you are approached by someone you don’t know, care is required.

We are told to be “as wise as serpents, but  harmless as doves”; every smiling face is not coming to you for a good reason. Remember “Satan, himself can appear as a Angel of light. Be careful you are not deceived by the outward appearance.

Be ware that no one gains your confidence to your own destruction. The disguise the enemy uses are many, he is very subtle in his approach to any one he seeks to entangle in his web.  He will use strangers, family,  and long time friends.

No one  is exempt from his desire to ensnare us in sin, the attacks may seem harmless in the beginning; a little gossip, a few lies, a broken trust, some misrepresentation of someone’s character and taking from others without permission.

If he can get us to participate in any of them we have opened the door for him to enter our lives.  Can you recognize him? Do you know who he is? can you see through his cunning deceptions? or has he convinced you he doesn’t exist?

These are questions all who wish to escape his grasp need to ask themselves.  We must be alert at all times, ready to cry out ” get thee behind me Satan.”  When temptations come, we must not open the door.

However, if you feel you are not strong enough to resist the temptation; there is one name you can call on that is above every name. You can call on Jesus the Christ, at his name the enemy will flee.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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