Watching the rain

Yesterday I sit in my window watching the rain gently falling on the grass.  I remembered how wonderful and refreshed I would feel when the rain touched my face as I walked home from school on a rainy spring day.  It seems the passing of time erases the simple pleasures found in nature when the pressures of life close in on you.  You get caught up in the day to day hustle forgetting the beauty that surrounds you.

The sun shining from behind the clouds after the storm, the amazing colors of the rainbow, and the sweet smell of flowers floating on the summer breeze.  The flowers lifting their heads to the sky opening to salute the Creator of all things.  The foliage drinking in every tiny drop of rain that touches it’s breast.  Even the rivers and lakes open wide their arms to accept new life.

The magic of the rain consumes my thoughts and I realize how awesome the love of God really is, he provides everything his creation needs.  When we are willing to accept his gifts, everything works in harmony because we are in his will.  The rain reminds me of his tears falling from the sky.  Tears of a Father for his wayward children who have forgotten how much they are loved.

Tears that will bring refreshing and new life to the broken and lost.  Tears the restore the souls of all willing to bathe in them.  The Father is waiting to welcome his children home, wrap them in his arms, and place his love in their hearts.  The rain is slowing to a drizzle, the sun is peeking from behind the clouds; the thought comes to mind, God is smiling.  The rain has stopped.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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