are you on the run?

I recall there was a song titled, “Love on the run”, sometimes it seems our relationships fall into this category. The one we think we love won’t give us the time of day, while; the one who expresses love for us, we don’t give the time of day.  Then there are those who pretend to love us, things go well for a time but; soon the pretense comes to an impasse that can’t be ignored.

The truth is revealed which sends you running away from that relationship with a broken heart. A healing is necessary before you can think about investing in a new relationship. From time to time we deal with circumstances that cause us to with draw. We run from the problems we can’t seem to solve.  We get news about our health, news we are not willing to accept.

Our response is to run from what we don’t want to face.  Life will keep us on the run from one catastrophe to another when we are not willing to face the consequences of our actions. we keep running with no place to find rest. Like a hamster on a wheel we go round and round going nowhere.  Are you on the run? Is there something in your life that has you running on the wheel of life like a hamster?

Do you feel there is no relief from the circumstances you are facing? Has the arms of love rejected you? Are you tired of running with no end in sight? With God all things are possible, Jesus has opened the gateway to the Father to all who are weary and seeking rest. When we give our hearts to him we can remove our running shoes.  He will take away our burdens giving us peace.

However, if we need to endure the burden that we learn from it or it teaches another; he will be with us. He will never leave us alone.  We don’t have to question his love for us, he has demonstrated  his love through his sacrificial death and resurrection. His love is changeless, nothing we do can separate us from that love.   He is always available to us, we are the one’s who run from him.

He will never force us to yield to him, we were given the gift of choice; therefore we must choose to submit to him. we don’t have to be victims of life’s rat race, a way of escape and a resting place has already been prepared for us.  If and when you are ready to stop running, make the choice that leads to life abundantly.  Let Jesus the Christ be your resting place.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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