play time

The imagination of children is a wonderful thing, they can imagine having magnificent adventures.  They walk on the moon, catch stars from the milky way, and visit planets beyond our world. Some even have imaginary friends; these are usually children who don’t have siblings or have trouble making friends with other children.

They are inventive making rhymes and games as they play. As a child my favorite games included Jacks, Pick up sticks, Jump rope, Marbles, Hide and seek and Tag. There were times a large group of kids played and times when only two or three came out to play. Everyone looked forward to play time.

On a hot summer day it was not unusual to see kids playing everywhere; the moms and dads would be playing checkers, chess, or cards.  someone would have music playing; the games would continue until day gave way to night.  Spending time with others meant talking, laughing, good food and much fun.

we didn’t have I pads, game boys, smart phones or computers; we only had each other.  Our communication was face to face.  Today; kids don’t have the fun we had as children, their imaginations have been limited by technology which only requires their hands, eyes, and ears. Face to face communication is almost extinct.

Talking to each other has been replaced by texting, families are drawn in opposite directions; play time is over.  As we all know technological advances are very helpful in our society, yet; side affects of these advancements seem to separate us rather then unifying us. We have very little physical or vocal interaction with each other.

There is an app for everything our daily life requires, we have lost balance.  There must be balance in life, how do we get back to spending time together?  Technology has replaced play time; we must increase our prayer time.  The prayers of a righteous man avails much, prayer changes things.

Through prayer we can unify our families and communities. When we sincerely repent and turn from doing the wrong things our Father which is in Heaven will hear our prayers, provide our needs, and grant the desires of our hearts according to his will for us.  When we surrender our lives, homes, children and communities  to his caring, loving hands; he will restore  the joy of childhood to our hearts.

His love will draw others to the light that will emanate from a heart that is connect to his heart.  He will restore balance to our lives, no matter if you are young or old; play time will begin again.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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