Shortage in the connection

He was already running late for an appointment, I should’ve ironed this shirt last night he thought as he plugged the iron into the outlet. The spark from the outlet startled him, he knew he wouldn’t be ironing his shirt, there was a shortage in the connection.

Most of us have  had this type of experience at one time or the other, it seems to happen at the most inopportune moments. No power is the result of a break in the connection. Sometimes the fix is simple, you turn on the switch; no light.

You replace the bulb then try again, there is light. There are times; however, when a more intricate solution is necessary. You do everything you can think to do without success, you must seek the help of a specialist.

Life  has a way of making you feel like your power source is depleted, you have no connection; your batteries are dead.  You become so involved with trying to make things work out you feel like you’re in a maze, running into one dead end after another.

This is how  the enemy keep us blind sighted, he bombards us with confusion and chaos ; He really doesn’t want to give us time to clear our heads or recognize we have a endless supply of power at our disposal.

Prayer is the connection to the greatest power source available to man. Constant prayer produces a continuous flow of power.  The enemy will do whatever he can to cause us to break the connection;  he uses our family, friends, and even our enemies to cause shortages in our connection.

Because we are but dust there will be times when we fall prey to his devises, but; we must not give up when we fall. Our Father will never give up on us, we just need to reconnect to the power source through repentance and prayer.

Keeping a close connection to Our Father through Jesus the Christ will strengthen us against the enemies  attacks and remove all the shortages in our lives.

My revelation as i sit by the pool of grace.



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