Lucky or not

For many years I’ve been told how unlucky Friday the 13th is, this is the day you don’t want to walk under a ladder, beware of black cat’s crossing your path and please don’t break any mirrors. It seems that Murphy’s law is in full affect on this day.

The mystery behind the origins of this unlucky day has puzzled generations; although it is not clear how it came to be, many today still believe Friday the 13th should be cause for concern. There are time we all have a tendency to say are lucky or unlucky.

When something happens to bring us unexpected success we say we are lucky, but; when something happens that causes us difficulty we declare it to be unlucky. Luck is defined as “success or failure brought by chance rather than through one’s own ACTIONS”.

The operative phrase is ” by chance”, it indicates things that are not in  our control.  Many of us live in this mind set, we fail to recognize our lives can be without the “chance affect”; we have access to the all knowing, all seeing God of Creation through his son Jesus the Christ.

when we choose to align our will to his will, we are given through his Holy Spirit the gift of forethought in all matters that concern us. When we listen to the directions given by the Holy Spirit we can be assured of a  successful out come, but; we must be willing to obey instructions.

We cannot allow self to think  to change the path we must take, we should maintain an attitude of gratitude for the leading of the Holy Spirit; there must be no room in our lives for luck or any obstacles that would deter us from our path. Trust and obedience are mandatory when we choose to walk with Christ.

No matter what circumstance we may face, we can be assured it will work out for our good. With Christ at the helm of our lives our ships will never be off it’s designated course. The sea’s may be rough but our sailing will be smooth, the rains may pour but we will be sheltered and when the darkness of this world tries to invade our lives, his love will dispel it’s affect with light that can’t be extinguished.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of Grace.


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