Growing older

As I approach another year to celebrate life, I’m reminded of your Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy. My heart cries out in thanksgiving, my lips sing songs of praise, and joy covers my continence. I spend time looking back over the years and recognize your presence working in my life.

Your deliverance flashed in my minds eye like a black and white movie, all the times you rescued me from the fate I had chosen wrongly. So many faces from my past, the present, and those I hope will continue to share in my future. Watching the smiles of my children, grands, great grands and great great grands.

Remembering all the times my table was filled and surrounded by all who entered my door, thankful I could share the bounty you shared with me no matter how plentiful or lean. Thankful for the grey hair that adorns my head, thankful for movement; even though it may be slow.

Thankful for the many years you stayed the enemy’s hand, not allowing him to take my life. I’m grateful you have allowed my eyes to see your hands moving in the lives of my children,  grateful that when my mind was filled with the darkness of this world you did not give up on me.

You continued to whisper, “I Love You” until it shattered the darkness and flooded my world with light. So grateful you have forgiven my sins through the love and sacrifice of our son. With your loving hands you touched my life and transformation began.  The years seem to move so quickly, one after the other like clouds moving across the sky then dissipating into thin air.

The older I grow the more I understand without you in my life, I’m but a dirty rag, a sinner destined for destruction, hopeless and lost; easy prey to be devoured by the enemy. Your love for me was so powerful you released me from the prison that held me captive, unlocking my bonds that I could be free in you.

Only you can see the hidden secrets of the heart, only with your help can I continue to overcome until your return. I seek your face in my moments of solitude, when  doubt is present, in the early morning and as the day closes it’s eyes to rest.  Father I lift my heart to ask in the name of your precious son; cover me in his blood, cleanse me of all unrighteousness, and teach me through your Holy Spirit to obey your laws.

Thank you for another birthday, as I continue to grow older keep me close to your heart and continue to sing your love song in my ears until you pluck my star from the heavens and I sleep in peace awaiting your return.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.




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