He was a reproduction of his father, made in his image. He was given total control of all his father had made. He was to tenderly care for all creation, but he needed help; his father saw his need and from his side removed a rib making him a help mate.

Now he had something more, a part of himself encased in the flesh of another; his heart entwined in the heart of his mate. They were two joined together as one living in a paradise. A test was needed to see if the man would remain loyal to his Father, unfortunately; he failed the test by allowing his mate to cloud his judgement.

Because of his disobedience he lost his home in paradise. In his new role he became provider and protector for himself and his wife.  He was to soon understand the heart of the Father and the magnitude of his love for his children.

As he held his first bundle of joy in his hands his heart was flooded with love for the tiny baby boy his eyes feasted upon. He was now a father, in his heart of hearts he pondered what being a father would mean. He realized to be a father is:

Forever seeking the Masters will

Always striving to be the very best man he can be

The example he sets for his children will be the example his God set for him

Helping others in need without expecting reward or gain for himself

Ever kneeling at the Throne of Grace that he may be strengthen and renewed

Reverencing always his Creator, standing in faith, persevering through

tribulation and having sacrificial love for his family

The love that the Father has for him resonates throughout his being as it never had before, he  understands the Father loves him unconditionally just as he loves his son unconditionally.  No mistake or weakness he may have is enough to change the Fathers heart towards him.

Our earthly fathers are not always what they should be, however; we all have a Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally, he can be trusted with our hearts, he gave himself for our salvation and is constantly expressing what the Love of a father should be for his children.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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