When you can’t run, walk

At birth we are dependent on everyone around us for all our needs. Others love, protect,feed,clothe, transport, and teach us along with many other things that support our growth.  We learn to crawl, then to walk, and then we learn to run.

We become more and more independent as we continue through the cycles of life. These cycles are not guaranteed to be smooth sailing, often we encounter obstacles that change or impact our lives in unexpected ways.

Many experience mental challenges, some physical challenges, some financial challenges, unstable family environments, and separation from loved ones by death. Each of these can cause us to be overcome by depression.

They can cause loss of motivation, stagnation, withdrawal from others, and the desire to give up on life. The journey just seems to be to hard to continue, dark clouds seem to cover our sky hiding the sunlight from view.

Don’t give up hope, these feelings are sent by the enemy; he desires our defeat and total destruction. Though life’s journey can be hard sometimes we have a companion who has shoulders strong enough to help carry our burdens.

His arms are willing to hold us up or pick us up should we fall along the way, His heart of love keeps encouraging us to keep moving and he desires only our well being. He reminds us that the victory is not given to the swift but to those who endure to the end.

No matter what you may be dealing with in this life we must remember trials are temporary, they come to makes us strong; the sunlight will always come through the dark clouds. So when you can’t run, walk; when you can’t walk, crawl just don’t stop moving forward.

Jesus stands ready to help us overcome whatever our obstacles may be, he is just waiting for us to ask him for his help.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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