Her heart, His hands

The dim light graced the pages of the book laying open on the table, the steam was ascending from the cup of coffee setting close by; she sit silently staring down so intently she didn’t hear me enter the room.

Her face seemed to glow with a light I hadn’t noticed before, it seemed as if she had found something very valuable in the pages she was reading. When she noticed me a smile appeared, yet; she never lost focus on the book.

Mother’s are good at multi-tasking I thought, wonder if she will let me interrupt her with my problem. I didn’t dare interrupt her, I stood there in silence until she stopped reading and asked”what do you want?”

It was then I noticed she was reading the Bible. This was her quiet time with her best friend, Jesus. It was before she started her day of cooking ,cleaning, dressing kids for school, making lunches, and all the other things she did in the course of the day.

This was her secret, every morning her heart was filled with his love and his hands gave her the strength to do all the things she did for us and others. For the first time I saw her with a different understanding.

I understood why she so freely gave of herself; fed those she knew were hungry, sheltered strangers who became family, and would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need. Never complaining, she never seemed to be tired.

There were times I could see on her face her energy was drained. Little things made her happy and her laugh was contagious.  She has been sleeping in Jesus for many years now, however; as I reminiscence I can almost see her smile.

I can recognize how truly beautiful she was in spirit and heart. Her early morning meetings with her best friend made her life a joy no matter what she had to endure. Of the many thing she taught me I’m  most grateful that she introduced me to her Friend.

I meet with him daily in the quiet part of my day, I ask  him to fill my heart with his love and guide my hands as I place them in his hands. I pray one day my children will look back and smile at the thoughts invoked by memories of me.

The legacy a mother leaves behind can touch the lives of so many when her life has been touched by a best friend like Jesus. Her heart, his hands will move mountains, heal the sick, feed the hungry, and shelter the homeless. In him her joy will spring forth like a river and her children will honor her.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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