Taking a chance

What are you willing to take a chance on? To enter into a situation not knowing what the outcome will be or how it will affect your life. Everyday millions spend their hard earned monies on the lottery with the hope of a big reward.

We travel the roads and airways from one destination to the other not giving a thought to the chance we will not arrive there. Life is filled with chances we all take without any thought or anticipation.

We marry thinking we know the person we have chosen, have children and build homes; not until that person reveals the flaws in their character do we sometimes recognize we have made a bad choice.

People come and go in our lives, some seem to become very important; they are willing to share themselves with us not knowing how we will treat or accept them into that special place in our hearts. If we will value their friendships as they value ours.

We embark on the journey to increase our knowledge, we pay huge sums to institutions of higher learning with the hope of completing the course; we take a chance for success. Uncertainty looms around every corner.

Each time we open our eyes to a new day we step into the possibility of taking chances on one thing or another, none which have a guaranteed result; the out come could be good or bad.

Life holds only one sure guarantee, the love offered to each of us by the Father and the Son. It is freely given, yet; many are unwilling to take a chance by letting them into their lives.  We think what must be surrendered to this relationship is more then we are willing to give up.

We fail to recognize in this relationship between Father, Son and us are all life’S guarantees revealed. We experience abundant life, peace in turmoil, sunshine through the rain, light in darkness and the strength to stand in trial.

In this world that offers us no guarantees, what are you willing to take a chance on? Do you want to continue in the same rat race? Are you willing to give up self to the loving arms of eternal joy? Or would you rather chase the worlds enticements?

Don’t you think it’s time to give the Father and Son a chance to truly change life for you, It’s time to choose; LIFE or DEATH which will it be. Stop taking chances and make a wise choice.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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