God does do overs

Our entertainment today features many TV shows which inform it’s viewers how to do all kinds of things.  The most popular of these are the make over or remodeling shows. Make overs are completed on buildings and people.  Everything that is needed to make them new and improved is used in the renovation process.

Once completed the project is revealed, sometimes the remodel is unsuccessful and must be done over. In the mind of our Creator was a beautiful and perfect thought to create a beautiful and perfect world; unfortunately, his creation was marred. It’s beauty diminished by the sins of man.

The earth was filled with evil, breaking the Creators heart; He had to make a change. Noah was his choice to preserve his legacy.  The rains came,the do over began; after the rains ended the reveal was made. Noah and those with him opened their eyes to behold a new world bright and beautiful.

Man had the opportunity to do what was right in the sight of his Creator, but; that was short lived. Man’s nature was to be disobedient so once again sin had dominion over him. He had not realized apart from the Creator, he had no strength to resist what was instinctive to him

The Creator is faithful, he had promised Noah he would never choose a complete do over again; he gave him the sign of a rainbow as a remembrance of his vow .  Something had to be done, he sent his son; He knew the only way was to reach each man one by one. Once again the do over had begun.

The love shared by the Son is still changing hearts today, If the world has you bound, it seems no relief can be found; get in line for a make over while the opportunity still abounds.  Don’t be like Sodom and Gomorrah who refused to turn around, to walk away from the evil that within it’s gates was found.

The heavens rained down fire upon their town destroying them completely, nothing was left that could be found.  Do overs are not always bad, there are times they are needed. Most of us recognize that one bad apple can spoil the bunch.  Evil left on it’s own will continue to flourish.

When we yield to the Holy Spirit the redesign can begin, changing everything that has defaced who we were meant to be. We were created in his likeness, the image of love covered our faces.  When our makeover is complete, the reveal presented; we will be like the Son of Righteousness…. A reflection of the love of God.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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