The Brightest light

The day fades as the sun goes to bed, the moon’s soft glow enhances the night. In the cities the lights from the buildings, the traffic, and street lights dotting every corner sheds more light against the darkness of night.

As you travel away from the congestion of the city scene the senses are awakened by the stars on full display in the heavens, the majesty of the universe against the blackness of night. No obstructions clutter the view, God’s workmanship illuminating every fiber of your being.

Each new day the sunlight once again invigorates, renews, and brightens our lives; we begin again the journey of life.  Though the sun rises, for some; the darkness is unending. The hold so great no light is penetrating, doubt and fear are constant companions.

They seem to walk in light but are hostages to the darkness consuming their lives. Loveless actions, harsh words spoken, having no compassion, an unforgiving spirit, and selfishness feeds the darkness that continues to feast on the soul.

When you allow the darkness to enter ONLY the Brightest Light can repair the damage, it is the “Son of Righteousness” who has healing in his wings.  When you choose to be free, you can call on his name; the greatest name in Heaven and on the earth.

He will come to your rescue, his light is all consuming; no amount of darkness can exist in his presence for there is no darkness in him, ONLY new life.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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