Two opinions

Conversations usually have two or more participants debating a subject. When the discussion has ended there will be one or more considered the winner, point made; the loser or sometimes a stalemate  leaving room for the conversation to continue another time.

As participants in the human experience we each have a voice in our universal conversation. No matter what the subject may be our opinion will not be heard if we are afraid to speak. Sometimes it is hard to be heard over the roar of those who feel they are more important than we are, but; it is important to wait patiently until your voice can be heard.

We must recognize our opinion has merit and can give enlightenment to the conversation. When our Father created us we were given a very valuable gift; choice, it was his intention that we enjoy the bountiful world he placed at our disposal. Unfortunately, another crated being of the Angelic host had other plans.

He imagined in his heart he could do a better job than the Creator of all things.  His opinion so strong he started a war to gain control of the Heavenly realm. Defeated and cast out, he began a new mission; all his efforts concentrated on changing our opinion of Our Creator.

The question posed to us is will we serve the Creator or will we serve Satan?  We stand at the crossroad of two opinions; if we know that  our creator is loving, forgiving, compassionate, long suffering, and kind why are we not serving him? The other side of the coin is, if we are not serving him we are by default serving Satan.

In his word the Father has asked all of us this question,”how long will you linger between two opinions?” A choice must be made, we must speak loud and clear that all the universe will hear our choice to follow  the Creator and Worship him only.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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