our story

When he wrote our story he saw the twinkle you would put in my eyes, when he wrote our story he saw little hands that would one day wipe away my tears. He wrapped you in joy that would continually fill my heart. He whispered your name into the annuls of time and you became the smile on my face.

He entwined you in his love for me then entwined your heart to mine, two hearts inseparable by death or time.  You were the beginning of my life, teaching me how to live. You are the foundation that still gives me strength when I need a shoulder to lean against until my strength is renewed.

Your voice still brings joy to my ears each time I hear it, it’s echo resonates in my heart. On this day began the greatest earthly love story, a story I couldn’t have dreamed  for myself. The Creator allowed me the privilege of giving birth to one of his rare jewels, her name written in my heart before she existed.

As I look back over the years, I’m so grateful My Heavenly Father saw my garden of life needed some beautiful flowers for me to grow into an understanding of his love for me. You were the first seed he planted, today is your birthday; 53 years later I have no words to pen what is in my heart.

I can say no greater love fills my life, through you the Father Creator has displayed his great love for me; I am continually grateful.  Happy birthday to my 1st born.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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