follow the leader

Most of us remember playing these two games as children, Simon said and follow the leader.Both require you to do whatever the person in charge of the game tells you to do. If Simon said it you must do it, but nothing can be done if Simon doesn’t say; if you move without Simon you’re out of the game.

If you are following the leader, you must do what the leader does; if you can’t you are out of the game. Although we seem to leave these games in the youth of our past as we become adults, life in many ways resembles these very games from our youth. Most of us finish our education and get employment or start business’s.

No matter which we are required to do certain things to be successful; failure to do them leads us to loss, we could be fired from our jobs or our business might have to be dissolved when we make the wrong decision . Leadership and who we choose to follow is very instrumental in the well being of our lives.

Everyday we must make a choice to lead or follow, each carry great responsibility. Before we can be good leaders we must first know how to be good followers. Life will give us many obstacles, temptations, and distractions; to overcome them we must have the tools to make the correct choice.  It’s through leadership we learn these tools, but; if we follow the wrong leader we are doomed to failure.

There are two leaders who determine the destiny of each person on the earth, we must choose who to follow. Making the right choice is imperative to our success or decline. How do you know who to choose? Each of these leaders have placed their credentials before us for review prior to our decision.

The first is Jesus the Christ, he offers undeniable,self sacrificing love, help in time of trouble, unexplainable joy, peace in the storms of life and forgiveness in our times of weakness.  He doesn’t promise there will be no trials but he does promise he will see us through them. He doesn’t say there will be no sickness but he assures that he can heal our disease.

Should we choose to follow him we may lose family and friends as well as the worlds riches, but; he will send us his spirit to be with us always, give us of heavens bounty and eternal life with him.  The next is Satan, the ruler of this world in which we reside; he will offer us fame, fortune, power and the appearance of importance.

He will develop in us greed, selfishness, indifference to the needs of others,hatred for all God the Father loves, and frozen hearts lifeless and loveless. He will blind us to the light of true love, he knows the love of God transforms all it touches. He will keep us in the darkness hidden from the light.

Should we choose to follow him we may gain the worlds riches, popularity among men, and for a time power; but, eternal death total destruction will be our destiny. These are our two choices, who will you choose? don’t be deceived you can’t have it both ways; a choice must be made.  Eternal life or eternal damnation is not a child’s game, the consequences of your choice will determine your end; choose wisely.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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