Are you insured?

In our world life is filled with the unexpected, the car malfunction that causes an accident, a simple cough turns worse and you become a patient in the hospital, you are not sure how it happened but your house burns to the ground and the most devastating of all is the unexpected death.

Every person deals with one or more of these dilemma’s in their lifetime. For some it presents a large financial burden as well as an emotional one. There is a remedy for when these things happen if you can afford it, it is called; Insurance. Insurance is a form of protection that is purchased to provide relief from financial devastation in the event one is faced with one of life’s dilemmas.

It can be purchased according to your needs; fire insurance, health insurance, car insurance, flood insurance, home insurance and life insurance are the most common. I’m sure there maybe insurance for just about anything you can think of in today’s world. However, there is one very hugh dilemma in  this world that can’t be covered by man’s created instrument of protection.

It’s name it Sin, no amount of money can protect from the virus known as sin, it’s infectious;causing pain and heartache to everyone it touches.  It’s subtle, at first nothing appears to be wrong, life is filled with enjoyment.  Little by little the things you are willing to do to sustain that enjoyment begin to change. The question becomes how far are you willing to go? what or who are you willing to sacrifice to fulfill your needs?

Traits you didn’t realize were in you begin to surface; greed, selfishness, envy, hate, and the desire for power stare you in the face as if a reflection from the mirror.  The sin infection is gaining momentum, it’s intention is to consume you completely leaving you no hope of recovery.  There is a remedy, it can’t be purchased with money or material things; the good news is it’s free to anyone who wishes to be cured of the sin disease.

It is the pure cleansing blood flowing from the side of the Creator’s Only Son.  Only through him can the captive be set free. When the gift of cleansing is received the soul is fortified with the seal of his protection. His Angels are given charge over you and his Holy Spirit becomes your mentor and guide through life’s dilemma’s.  The unexpected will still come , you will still be caught off guard in some cases; but he will be your burden bearer.  Now the question becomes, are you insured? Who is your insurer?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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