Home going

Yesterday is  over, tomorrow may never come; we only have now. Each waking moment means we must count our blessings, love our friends and family, make the time we have meaningful, and leave the essence of love in all we touch.

Time is unforgiving it will not allow us to reclaim whatever we have misused or lost; it continues to pass, not waiting on anyone.  Life can be cruel not allowing us the opportunity to “mend our fences’s”.

Ill spoken words, unresolved heartbreak, and grudges held to long with no forgiveness. Life is but a whisper; a gently breeze that blows for a time, a flower blooming today but blown away in the wind tomorrow.

Death, sleep that never ends; there are times it is expected.  We know how but not just when, it becomes a waiting game.  We share each moment of the journey with our loved one knowing we will soon have to say goodbye.

To hear their last words, touch them for the last time or tell them you love them. However, the unexpected is never expected; the phone rings in the late hours of the night, tragedy is calling.

You fight back tears and shock as you hang up the phone trying to remember the last time you spoke. It was a silly argument, you should have let it go; now it’s to late. They will never know how sorry you are.

You thought you would have time to resolve the problem and renew the relationship. Death is a silent visitor who comes sometimes without notice; unfinished business remains unfinished, unspoken words can never be heard, and time will still march on.

You think about that old spiritual “Home going”, the words “when you hear bout my home going, don’t worry bout me, it’s just another soldier gone home” while you continue to think of the things that should’ve been said.

Don’t let it’s to late be the words you say, take the opportunity while you still have today; correct the past, start anew, letting those in your life know they are important to you. Death is a part of our experience, everything the lives will die.

The question is will the home going be a sweet goodbye?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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