the gift of starting over

Every choice is not fetal, though some can be; each mistake doesn’t last forever, though some can have a lasting affect. To some a mistake and a choice are considered the same, but; they are totally different. Before a choice is made you consider the pros and cons of the decision then you choose whether or not to make it.

However, with a mistake you make the choice thinking the outcome will be what you intend it to be without thinking the results can be different, but you are wrong. There are instances when your choice can cause loss of life, a mistake as well can bring the same. Each opportunity you are given allows you to shed the wrong choices and mistakes made like a snake sheds his skin, leaving it behind.

From each experience you are to learn the lesson that experience teaches, it will either be advantageous or detrimental to you depending on how you use the knowledge from that experience. Every day of life gives you the chance to start over, to change your yesterday; apologize for any harm you may have caused, correct any wrongs and seek forgiveness.

I know that sounds simple, yet; any change you make requires the desire to change. To rid yourself of the old nature and step into a new nature in the only hope we have that brings clarity of thought which is found in God’s only son; Jesus the Christ.  The old nature is infected with the sin of the world in which you live, it is like an onion with layers that have to be peeled away.

The layers of envy, lying, selfishness, dishonesty, hate, malice, self righteousness, laziness and indifference just to name a few. When Christ enters the life his love lights up the whole being erasing anything negative from the life of man. Evil cannot persist in the environment where love rules, love changes everything it touches.

The old man dies in the presence of the love of Christ and a new man emerges filled with his love, character, joy, and clarity of thought. Mistakes become rare and choices are made after consulting the Holy Spirit, with this change you are given the gift of starting over.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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