And we begin, again

The count down has begun, as one year ends another begins. One songwriter said” everything must change, nothing stays the same.” “There are not many things in life you can be sure of, but; the young become the old and mysteries will unfold,  that’s the way of time; nothing goes unchanged.”

Yes, it is true time will cause change to take place; the anger we hold on to so closely becomes unimportant, the reason for the argument unclear, the desire to rekindle the friendship seems to occupy our thoughts and we are willing to forgive and forget.

Old things must fade into the past that new life can spring forth. Every life journey will end in some form of death. Death to selfishness, hate, loneliness, indifference and eventually death of the physical being.  However, death is not the end as some seem to think.

Each fall the face of nature changes, the trees lose their leaves as they turn brown with death and blow away  in the wind; the beautiful green grass of the  fields withers and fades. Everything prepares for Winter’s sleep of death. Yet, change comes with the Spring and life begins again.

The fields once again are clothe in their dress of emerald, the trees awaken; their leaves full granting shade to all who would rest beneath them. Treasured relationships are renewed as new ones are formed. We enjoy a new vitality, a spring in our steps, and a renewed vision for our future.

We plan our strategy and move forward in confidence as if our success is guaranteed. Life holds no guarantees it closes in on us just when we least expect it to. It changes our plans, causes worry, and makes us question the outcome of our circumstances.

So we begin, again; this time we look for something that will ensure our success. We know it must begin with us changing, but we don’t have the understanding, strength, or ability to change ourselves nor do we know everything we need to change.

The answers we need are found in the eyes of love, the arms of love and the heart of love. A love that was given to us from the first time we opened our eyes to life. unchanging love that has been our constant companion even though we may not have recognized or accepted it’s presence.

It is when we open our hearts to this love we experience the greatest life change. The old self dies that new life can begin, life in the fullness of joy.  Our journey will still be filled with challenges, rocky roads, some ups and some downs, but; we will see them through new eyes, unfailing strength, and a new vision.

Surrounded by the love of Jesus the Christ and through him all things can be accomplished successfully.  We must accept that change is inevitable, that death will come; however, in Jesus we can live forever. When he returns he will call our names and we will begin, again; death will be no more.

My revelation as  sit by the pool of grace


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