go tell everybody

The greatest pleasure we enjoy is meeting with family and friends we haven’t seen for a time, catching up on each other lives. Finding out the latest gossip, the secrets we vowed not to tell, and the embarrassing moments that made us laugh at ourselves.

Conversations that are sometimes meaningless and sometimes serious; we seem to be able to talk  for hours. There are times tears are shed, uncontrollable laughter heard, then there are moments of silent reflection.

There are circumstances in our life’s journey that require us to gather with those we love  and hold dear to us. Celebrations of births, deaths, great accomplishments, and special holidays. It is at these occasions the family comes together.

Some of these occasion are mile stones in our journey, promotions, graduations, new births, and two who decide to become one in marriage. We come from home and abroad to share the joy of love with each other.

All these give us something to talk about; there will inevitable be someone who for unexpected reasons can’t join the celebration, there will always be incidents to make us laugh or cry, and someone taking the unexpected photo.

However, everyone tries to prepare to be with their loved ones at Christmas time. Christmas is the one celebration that everyone wants to be with family and friends they love. Some will come from across town and some from across the country, but all will be present and accounted for if possible.

At many family gatherings the Night before Christmas will be the story told, but; the story that should be told is one of the baby born in a stable, laid on a bed of hay surrounded by animals.

A willing participant in the plan of salvation for all God’s fallen people. Redemption provided for all who would seek to be free from the chains of a sinful world. Had he not been born all would be lost, no hope for salvation.

This baby would carry the sins of the world on his shoulders, who would make the lame to walk, and the blind see. This baby who would walk on water, calm the raging sea and give his life on the cross of calvery for sinners like you and me.

This is the story that should flow from our lips to each ear willing to hear. A story we should be willing to tell everybody without any fear. Christmas was the season chosen to celebrate his birth, but the day is not as important as the fact he chose to come. So it’s up to you and me to tell his story to everyone .

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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