The stable

The day was coming to it’s closing, the Inn keeper had gathered his animals into the stable for the night. Mrs. cow had bedded down her calf on a soft bed of straw; gently she lay down beside her.

Mr. Donkey was gazing through the little window in the wall of the stable at a brilliant star lighting up the sky just above the stable. The chicken coop was filled with noisy chicks as Mr. Rooster paraded by the door as if on guard duty.

None of the animals could imagine the wonderful event that would unfold in their little stable. Mean while a man and his wife were going from door to door in the little town seeking shelter for the night.

They were greeted at each door with “sorry there is no room in the Inn”. It was beginning to seem hopeless for the young couple. But it was imperative they find shelter, the wife was with child and delivery was imminent.

Approaching the last Inn the husband lifted up his head to the sky and whispered a small prayer. Unfortunately, the response was the same; there was no room in the Inn. As he turned to walk away the Inn keeper stopped him saying ” I have a small stable you are welcome to.”

“It is not lavish but it will keep you warm and dry”. “There is much straw you can use for bedding and my animals are gentle.” “I will gather some cloth for you,bread and water, and a lantern; give me a moment please, I will take you there.”

In a distance you could see the shepherds on the hillside gathered by the firelight as their sheep quietly grazed. The stars twinkled brightly in the night sky, one shining brighter then the others. No sound could be heard it was if the earth itself was anticipating something miraculous.

The light in the stable intensified as the Inn keeper and the couple entered. Hanging the lantern on a post he said ” I hope this will serve you and your wife.” Grateful, the man thanked him and begin to make his wife comfortable.

Mrs. Cow looked at Mr. donkey who looked at Mr. Rooster, each of them was puzzled by the presence of human kind in their little stable. There was something different about this couple, even the animals could feel something amazing in the air.

Everyone had settled down for the night, the silence was broken by a small cry, the sky was illuminated by a multitude of Angels singing; their song could be heard along the hillside. “He is born, the Savior is born.”

All the animals were looking lovingly at the new arrival in their stable, kneeling as to a King they gazed upon the babe; each of them knew there would never be another night in their little stable as magical as this one.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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