the mystery of the hill

The day began as ordinary as the days before it, we however; decided to do something different and adventurous. We would go hiking. Now I should say neither one of us had ever been hiking so we didn’t really know what we needed to make it successful.

Rising earlier than usual we dressed, packed blankets, sandwiches, and water. The journey began, the drive was scenic as we ventured to our starting point. As I looked at the trail I began to have second thoughts about this adventure.

The sun was shining brightly through the trees as we maneuvered up the trail, birds perched in the trees could be seen at various intervals along the way. Entering a opening in the trees I looked out over a beautiful valley, we had reached the top of the hill.

The view was so breath taking we decided to stop our journey at this point. spreading the blankets we sit to eat and watch the scene unfolding before us.  In a distance I could see a water fall cascading down another hillside terminating in a stream below.

The stream flowing quietly through the valley, so peaceful; no words spoken just soaking in the majesty of the moment.  The waterfall captured my attention; my mind drifted off to another time, another hill and it’s impact on my life and the lives of others.

The day wasn’t sunny, the crowd  was shouting crucify him. There on the hill top stood the cross of sacrifice.  The man of love hanging from nails, the blood of love running down the hillside and the heart of love granting forgiveness.

Death held him captive for three days, but; after then he rose again. I met him when my life was on a downward path, he taught me how to live in love; always looking to the Father above. As I reminisce on this special gift my joy over whelms me.

My thoughts are interrupted as you touch my hand indicating it was time to go. I thought to myself how magical these hills will be when they are covered in snow.  Nature is the window in which we look into the eyes of God, it reveals his heart of love and reminds us to be grateful.

The journey home was enlightening, I saw everything through clearer eyes. The trees were more beautiful then they had ever been, the birds chirping was heard as a new song, and the sunlight against my skin was welcomed.

They all reminded me of the gift the Father gave on a hill far away.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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