Broken Ornaments

Along with Christmas comes many traditions; hanging the stockings on the fireplaces, making gingerbread houses, roasting chestnuts, and decorating the tree.  The most important of these is the decorating of the Christmas tree.

Usually the whole family participates in the choosing and decorating of the tree. Christmas decorations vary from very expensive to very simple; Santa and Mrs. Claus, candy canes, reindeer and sleds, jingle bells, and ornate bulbs.

Popcorn, ribbon, garland and angels; they all find a home somewhere on the tree. some ornaments have seen many Christmas’s each year they are carefully unwrapped for use then re wrapped for the next year .

Some are very fragile, easily broken; so they may not last long. When an ornament is broken it cannot be repaired and has to be discarded. These may have sentimental value and we have a hard time discarding them.

We try in some cases to glue them back together to no avail, with sad heart we throw them in the trash.  We are the beautiful array of ornaments on the Father’s Christmas tree. We come in different shapes and colors.

He loves us all with an all consuming unconditional love. Some of us have been battered and torn by time, but; he gently wipes away the dust and shines us up again. Some have been chipped by mistreatment, so he finds that lost piece replacing it; making us whole.

Then there are those who have been shattered into pieces; no hope for recovery seems possible. These are the ones he gives the most care, tenderly he gathers the pieces whispering I love you to each one.

A master craftsman; he begins the task of restoration making the necessary changes to bring out the unique beauty in what was once broken. Once again that spot on the tree is filled. All that was scared, bruised, or shattered has been restored.

Nothing lost or discarded, each ornament displayed in all it’s radiance; reflecting the Master’s Loving touch.

My revelation as I sit my the pool of grace.


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