twelve gifts for Christmas

For most of us Christmas is about giving and receiving gifts, coming together with family to share a meal, talking about times of Christmas’s that have pasted and being with friends old and new.

In some households the celebration starts on the eve of Christmas; the final gifts are wrapped,carols are  sung or heard playing throughout the house, and the final meal preparations are made.

Children can be heard laughing as they prepare for bed hoping to speed up Santa’s arrival. Many of us begin months in advance in search of that one perfect gift for each name on our list. Some expensive, some simple and some made from love.

Not everyone has this experience, for many this is a time of the year filled with stress. They have very little to look forward to during this time; they are hoping for a Christmas miracle. Some are homeless,  some unemployed, and some have no finances to buy gifts or food.

Some are just blessed to have shelter and clothing for their families.  God gave his only begotten son, who then gave his life; to give each of us the opportunity to give the same love he gave to us , to others.

Can you find it in your heart to give someone a Christmas miracle? Purchase a gift for someone you know will not have. Invite someone to your dinner table. Send a card of encouragement. Hug someone with your smile.

Give someone who is homeless warmth with a pair of gloves,a scarf and a cap. Call someone who may be grieving the loss of a loved one. Pray for a world where people suffer from injustice and hate.

Give a stranger a warm and sincere greeting. Forgive, restore and embrace anyone who may have mistreated you. Be kind to someone who is not kind to you. Give of yourself in service to someone else.

Then tell everyone about a wonderful redeemer who wants to be the lover of their souls. These  are 12 priceless gifts that can create love, joy and peace in a hopeless circumstance and shine light into a dark world.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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