who’s child is this?(a story of love and loss)

His little eyes were all that could be seen peering from beneath the blanket as he lay quietly in the cardboard box. Little eyes looking into the unknown. As i lifted him from the box the blanket fell away revealing big curly brown locks, an inquisitive smile and tiny hands.

I remember thinking,”who’s child is this left on my doorstep?” What sacrifice it was to leave him not knowing what would be his journey, but; that thought was interrupted when I saw the note hidden in his blanket. It read, I have tried to be a good mother; I have no family, no job, and no where to call home.

It was not his choice to be here, I feel the best thing I can do for him is to give him to someone who could love him better than I can. I’ve seen how you shower the neighborhood kids with Love, yet; you only have a dog to care for. You play with the children every chance you can and I see how happy it makes you; please love and care for my little boy.

Fighting back the tears I could only imagine the love she had and the loss she was feeling. How hopeless she must have been to make such a drastic choice. He grew like a weed, so did my heart; I never knew how much love was hiding deep inside of me. Selfless, unconditional love; he was the best Christmas gift.

The years have gone so fast, it’s his 5th Christmas with me; as I begin to read the story of Christmas to him the tears begin to fall. For the very first time I understood something that had escaped my understanding. How hopeless and lost this world must have been that God would wrap his only son in a cardboard box of flesh.

Send him to this world knowing his journey would be a lonely one, that he would be misunderstood, rejected and hated by many. Just the thought of losing my little boy was devastating to me. God gave the world the greatest gift and I can only imagine how broken hearted he was to let him go. Yet; he loved this fallen world so much, he did.

This Christmas as you celebrate remember not only the Christ child’s birth but also the Fathers sacrifice.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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