what’s for dinner?

How often do you find yourself asking”what’s for dinner?” This is a phrase said in households across this great country that we live in called America. A country rich in resources, a country that reaches out to other countries in their time of need, a country with a sordid past; yet, still a great place to live.

It is hard to think that our country in all it’s greatness is still lacking in empathy for it’s own people. Why is it that in this country of plenty children go hungry each night, have no where to rest in safety, some motherless, some fatherless, and some just alone. A country where you work hard all your life but in your twilight years you can’t afford to buy medicine.

Your income is just enough to survive on, not enough to live comfortably with out worry. Though you worked hard the money you invested in social security is called a handout. Your country spends more money in products of war then it is willing to spend helping it’s people.

Those who have great wealth will only share with others who are like them while they take more and more from those who have so little. Where has the love gone? Is there anyone who still believes in giving a helping hand? It seems only those who have so little are willing to share with those who have nothing.

In a land so richly blessed by God; how can we forget to bless others, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, love the fatherless and motherless, and comfort the hurting. Our country is a melting pot, it’s people all different; yet we are still one people. Our hearts should ache for those who are the least of us.

In this great country we should care that they are hurting.¬† As the holiday season approaches consider those in this country who are without the simple necessities of life. If you are among those blessed with the essentials for a happy home and you can ask the question”what’s for dinner?”

Remember that in every city, town, or village in this great country; someone is wandering if they will even have dinner// Find a way to share your blessing with someone this Holiday.

My revelation as i sit by the pool of grace.


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