The battle is real

Have you ever wondered why the things you know you should do are sometimes so hard to do? while the things you know you should not do, you do so easily/  Why you find yourself stating something that you know is not true, a lie; but you say it any way.

Then you tell yourself it wasn’t so bad, it was just a little white lie; it”s not going to hurt anyone. However, white or black a lie does cause ripples that could turn into a roaring flood. No lie is unimportant or harmless.

We do what will allow us to gratify whatever our desires dictate at the time. Self is the most important entity to us and our actions will reflect our selfishness. I’ve heard it said ” I comes before U in the dictionary.” Unfortunately many have this attitude in today’s society.

Our world is riddled with indifference to the needs of others, forgiveness, deception and all manner of evil.  we are confronted daily with the choice to follow the crowd or resist the desire to gratify self; the battle is real and the choice important.

Consider the source of the worlds decay, how it is affecting you and how you are affecting others. In the book of life it is written, from the beginning all was perfect; until one angelic being wanted to be greater than his creator.

From his desire sprang a hatred of all his creator loved causing the decay of everything he touched. You & I are the crowning masterpiece of the creator, therefore he is relentless in his efforts to destroy us, draw us away from our creator and cause disobedience to his spirit’s leading.

We must not be deceived we are no opponent for this great adversary; the battle is real and we need a strong general by our side. You may say this fight is not your concern, but should you take this stance you are without protection.

To choose not to fight in the army of the creator, you choose to be destroyed. There can only be one champion who is victorious, the enemy knows he is defeated but as long as he can confuse, distract, or deceive you & me he will continue to fight.

You must make the choice to resist his temptations and stand strong in your faith. Though the battle is real, the enemy strong; God’s people will be victorious through Jesus Christ. The enemy will be eradicated never to reign again.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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