Mistakes matter too

Life seems short, the time span long; so it’s best to choose to do right and not wrong but mistakes matter too. Sometimes we make the wrong choice expecting the right results, however; nothing right  can come from doing wrong. Opposites don’t always attract.

When wrong is chosen corrections become necessary and may require the act of forgiveness. We must learn when we make a mistake it is our responsibility to correct whatever damage is caused by that choice.

Sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” will do, then there are times when the hurt of your actions may be so deep it is not enough. We must care enough to know the difference. We know when our actions have caused pain.

Yet, in our own self righteousness we feel our actions were justified because we chose them.  Never admitting or owning our responsibility in correcting the injury we may have caused someone.

Life is filled with uncertainty, we may not get the opportunity to correct our mistakes; it is important to recognize when we are in error and respond accordingly. Guilt has a way of wearing heavily on the mind when wrongs are not made right.

Acknowledgement is a sign that love is present, you desire to heal the wounds, and change the circumstance from a negative to a positive. By this we grow in character. Our worth as a friend, family member, or acquaintance increases in value.

You might even say mistakes have their purpose. There is a saying ” love hides a multitude of faults”, even so; love should be the reason we consider our actions before we make them.

Self should be removed from the equation first then we should consider how others will be impacted by what we do or say.  We all make mistakes so we should never be ashamed to ask forgiveness.

Christ while on the cross forgave his enemies expressing love even in death. How can we who are imperfect not follow the example of one who showed perfection to the world. As long as we have life mistakes will be made.

We must recognize, own, and correct them remembering mistakes matter too.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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