Be the change

There was  once an old women who lived in a shoe, I know everyone knows what comes next; well I could say I was that woman better yet, I am that woman. I have always loved children but never considered being a mother.

Mothers were in my eyes are super women; they take care of the children, cook the meals, clean the house, work outside  and inside the home, heal the wounds and nurse the sick back to health. They seem to have time for everyone but themselves.

Their shoulders are so broad they carry everyone’s burdens or so it seemed to me. I knew I could never measure up to what a mother should be, at least not in my own eyes. But God in his infinite wisdom knew just what I would need to order my life, to be the change.

To help without being asked, to feed those who hunger, clothe those in need, wipe crying eyes, and comfort the hurting. In my life I have been blessed with 2 children by birth, 9 children by marriage and 12 children by adoption( they all adopted me).

They are like a rainbow of love shining through my heart, with each thought of them I smile; they have taught me so much and I am very thankful for the lessons. Each one is different, some have blue eyes, some have brown eyes, some are dark skinned, some are white skinned but they are all mine.

They are the tools in the hand of the God that created the change in me. It was through them I have learned to love unconditionally, to pray constantly, to listen with an open mind, to speak softly, and to give more than I knew I had to give.

Sometimes it’s the little things we do that make the biggest impact, the time we share that is needed and appreciated the most, and the bond created by love can be as strong as the bond created by birth. Love doesn’t change because of time or separation, it doesn’t grow old or useless.

Love never fails to reach out to catch you when you are falling and it will only rest when it knows you are safe.  Every good mother  place’s the needs of her children before her own. They are never to old that they can not find a place in her arms. Her heart will always be open to them and the Father’s ears ringing with prayers for them.

I can’t say I’m a super mom, but as it is said”the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”,  I will say as I look upon all the branches I smile; for I am grounded in God the Father who’s love flows through me to all my children and I am forever changed by the love they give me in return.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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