Please open the door

Have you ever been in a state of urgency and needed to get in from the outside? Maybe you thought you were in danger or just in a hurry, you knock on the door and it seems to be a lifetime before someone answered.

There could be many reasons you must depend on someone inside to open the door,this is not your home ; you are visiting. You may have lost your keys or it may be to dark to see how to open the door without light.

Having keys doesn’t assure you access; the locks could have been changed leaving your keys of no value.  Doors are not the only thing you could be locked out of, many of us have put a lock on our hearts.

Your heart was broken by someone you trusted, maybe even loved; they betrayed that trust so you locked it up determined to let no one in anymore. The problem is a locked heart can’t really love.

It goes through the motions but it has no emotion attached to it.  The longer it remains closed the colder it grows. The hurt continues to hold the heart hostage to the pain that caused it to break. The heart must be healed before it can be opened to love again.

The question is where do we find the healing? Who can we trust? I stand at the door and knock, if you will open the door I will come in and sup with you. The son of love is willing  to renew, restore, and heal all our hurts.

He will take away the coldness  in the heart, fill it with the warmth of his love; love that is unchanging, unlimited, and unconditional. Love that can be trusted, that will never abandon, and is given freely.

Love that only requires you to open the door, please open the door; to live without love is to have no life.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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