Beyond the gate

I’m sure many of you can remember as a child your parents would let you go outside to play, but; they would tell you very matter of factually ” don’t go out that gate”. Like children will do, the more you say no the more they want to do it. Parents know beyond the gate can be dangerous.

All types of mysteries to tempt those who are not aware await on the other side of the gate. They worry that should you decide to disobey them they may not be able to get to you in time to keep you from getting hurt. The gate is there to protect you, providing a place of safety.

Sometimes curiosity gets the best of us, we are compelled to go beyond the gate leaving our place of protection.  Unsure of what we will encounter we try to prepare for whatever circumstance we might find ourselves entangled within. We are on our own, no one to rescue us from the danger waiting to consume it’s prey.

I’m sure you don’t think of yourself as prey, but; that’s how the enemy sees us. Leaving the protection of the gate allows him to tempt us with the things that draw us into his snare. Fame, importance, fortune and power are the fruit he dangles in our way. As in the beginning, all it takes is one bite.

we are his captives. His goal then becomes to entangle us so deep we lose ourselves totally in his web of deception; taking us farther away from the gate. He hopes to erase the protection of the gate from our minds. We are in bondage to him only,he will not risk losing us.

The gate ,however; is hard to forget. Behind the gate was peace, joy, love, happiness and carefree existence. Everything we needed we had within the gate, we may not have been wealthy by the worlds standard but we had enough to share with others. We find ourselves longing to be back within the safety of the gate.

we want to be free from the bondage we are held by, unable to free ourselves we cry out for help; hoping we’ll be heard our voice pleading to be rescued.  All is not lost, the gate keeper is listening. He hears our cry, he is always looking for lost sheep to return to the fold.

To once again place them in the protection of the gate. He will fight any foe to free his sheep, he will not give up until he has won the battle and reclaimed his own.  Once he has freed us we must submit to his keeping, knowing we must never again venture beyond the gate.

my revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.




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