In my solitude a vision comes to mind of stars reflecting the moon as they lay atop a black velvet sky, while the only sound heard is the song of crickets as they serenade the landscape. In my solitude the rain touching my skin is absorbed refreshing it as it refreshes the fields bring new life.

I contemplate on the waning moon and the rising of the sun, the changing of the seasons; fall to winter and spring to summer. I ponder why the sea only kisses the shore, never swallowing it up.  I reflect on the different varieties of trees , yet; they are the same. They remain a tree.

In my solitude I think of the amazing miracle of birth by which the greatest gift any one could receive was given.  The birth of a child, who grew into a loving man, and sacrificed his life for all; knowing all would not understand his sacrifice. This world is filled with miracles and wonders.

The mind of man can’t conceive or fully understand the mysteries to be discovered nor revelations to be revealed. It was in my solitude his loved was revealed, his story understood, and his voice heard in my heart. I escape from the turmoil, hatred, and indifference of this world when I meet with him in solitude.

He surrounds me with his love as we reflect on our journey together, then he strengthens my faith by removing my doubts. He assures me he will pick me up should I fall. When I leave his presence I’m renewed, anticipating the next visit with him in solitude.

Where do you find your peace? how do you escape the trails and evils of this world? If you are struggling to find a way out of turmoil, find your place of solitude and invite the peace giver to meet you there.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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