Bleeding hearts

Nature is weeping, her heart broken she is grieving her lost children. Evil has captured the attention of all leaving bleeding hearts. Mothers are missing their daughters and sons; fathers not understanding why his special child had to die. Hugs that will be missed, smiles to be seen no more, soft words spoken will not be heard and I love you no longer said.

The question ringing in everyone’s head ” I just don’t understand, why”. Why did this happen, what was the cause, and how do we heal our bleeding hearts. The enemy is rejoicing what he considers victory. He deceives those who follow him to believe what they do is right but it will only lead them to the darkest night never again to see the light.

The question will remain unanswered, evil needs no reason to thrive, each one who hates keeps hate alive. The enemy will do whatever he can to keep one man hating the other man. The more we hate the stronger he grows, the affect of his power no one knows. He consumes all in his grasp who decide to walk on his path.

The dark cloud will pass, the sun will shine again, and the Father will wipe away all your tears. The enemy has not won the fight although right now your lost in the dark of night. The hurt will pass but loves memories will last until the day the Father sends his son to bring his children home. Try to forgive the lost soul that caused your heart to bleed, Pray for those he left behind to grieve.

Remember evil can only grow when hate continues to live, set your heart to shine loves light where ever evil has tread. Starve your fears and feed you faith so that only good will grow. Reach out to touch the hurting heart of someone you may not know, share your strength and tell them they are not alone. The Father wants you to let his love shine through you to heal a bleeding heart.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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