Like pieces of a puzzle each space in the picture is different and unique, no other piece will fit in the space designed for you. Only you can fill your place in the frame of life being created by the Father.  The thread on the loom will only reveal the beauty of the tapestry when each thread is woven into it’s perfect place.

The rainbow is composed of many colors, each touching the other; together they reflex it’s magnificence. We have each been created with individuality; different in skin color, eye color, hair color and abilities. Yet, together we are the picture inside the frame of life. we all have the same Father who loves each of his children with unconditional love.

His heart breaks each time one of his children steps from beneath the umbrella of that love. When they do they forget his heart is entwined with theirs. Love cries when it is replaced and the heart becomes infected with the darkness of hate. The eyes become cloudy and the truth can’t be recognized.

whenever one member of the family is subjected to that hate the whole family is affected. When our protection is lost the enemy tries to sever the threads that bind our hearts to the heart of the Father. Each action that is contrary to the will of the Father  sends us spiraling deeper into darkness.

Each time you treat your brother with injustice, each time you falsely accuse them, each time you destroy life or turn your back on the Father you sink deeper and deeper until no light is present in the heart. When family members leave the fold the frame is broken and the picture distorted.

The Father gave his children choice knowing not all of them would choose to be part of the family. His desire was that none would be lost,choosing to remain in the shelter of his love. When the choice is made to leave the family, he will not override the choice of his child. He will pursue them until all hope of redemption is gone.

He then repairs the frame of life; reaches out with his love to those who choose to remain and just like the roots of the mighty tree entwines themselves in the soil he draws them closer to his heart and entwines them in his love.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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