changing clothes

There are many things we do on a daily basis that we don’t give much thought to. We rise from sleep, brush our teeth, comb our hair, and decide what we will eat to start our day. Our next big decision is what will we wear, for many of us what we wear is determined by our plans for the day; we tend to dress for the occasion.

A visit to the gym, shopping, and recreation all require a different type of dress.  Some like to dress more casually no matter what the occasion, then there are those who want to be considered glamorous at all times. Some never wear make up while others never leave home without it.

We change clothes sometimes two or three times a day depending on the necessity. Many of us are very active in sports, some labor at very dirty jobs, some work where it is very important to have on clean clothes at all times, and some unfortunately have no clothes to change into and no where to change if they had clothes.

Seldom do we think about those in this circumstance until we meet them on the street; our thoughts are not how can I help but move you dirty bum or why don’t you get a job. Never do we consider the question how did they get to this place in their lives? We don’t see ourselves in their plight but circumstances can change so quickly, we could be walking in their shoes.

I would like to propose something for your consideration, there is something more important that we must change. We greet each day thinking the way we are is perfectly fine. We think it is natural for us to be self centered, sometimes arrogant, unkind, and important in our own minds. We excuse our behavior by saying this is who I am, like it or not.

We need a change in our character, but how do you change your character when the world you live in is filled with darkness? Many do not realize our characters have been tainted by the darkness that surrounds us. Changing is not easy, but anything that is worth having is worth the fight to have it.  The darkness can only be expelled by the light of love. Love transforms everything it touches.

No matter how hard we try if we don’t have love we loose the battle. Some believe in the Christ and some don’t but we must all agree that the character of this man as he lived was above reproach, his love unconditional, and his actions without prejudice. Some believe in Satan and some don’t but the influence he has on this world is real; darkness has caused man to hate, envy, separate, become selfish, and impact each other with negative actions.

My questions is with who’s clothes are you adorning yourself? A robe of light or a robe of darkness? Is it time for you to change your clothes? Adorn yourself in the light of  love by connecting with the giver of light and life anew. He was born, he died, and he rose again; just for you.

My revelation as I sit at the pool of grace.




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