the collector

Nothing compares to the magical time in life known as childhood. The undaunted enthusiasm of a child is infectious; they are carefree, spontaneous, and adventurous. They are inquisitive about everything in their environment.

They are also collectors; boys seem to collect things like rocks, marbles, comic books, toy soldiers, and building blocks. Girls on the other hand collect things like dolls, doll houses, stuffed animals, hair ribbons,beauty products and frilly dresses and shoes.

While there are exceptions to the rule, most children are collectors of some sort. Some of which live past childhood into adulthood. some become very valuable both in their sentimental and monetary value.

Over the years these collected items receive the best care, they are handled by their owners with loving intentions to ensure their protection. The older they become the more they increase in value.

We are all part of a very special collection, we were purchased by sacred blood drawn from a loving heart. we were considered so valuable to the purchaser that he was willing to give all he had to add us to his collection.

Unlike the inanimate collectibles from our childhood, we are his prized possessions because he created us in the beginning. We lost our way, lost sight of him, and forgot how valuable we were.

He never lost sight of us, kept reaching out loving hands until he reclaimed us and reminded us of how valuable we are to him. Although his collection is composed of a cornucopia of nations, peoples and tongues,we are each very special.

His love surrounds each of us giving us exactly what we need, removing any doubt we may have, and giving us the assurance he will never leave our side or leave us to walk our journeys alone.

He is preparing a place for us where we will experience  an abundance of joy, we will not grow old, nor will our value decrease. He has marvelous wonders he is waiting to share, questions he is waiting to answer and arms aching to embrace.

He is Jesus the Christ, the collector of hearts and he wants to add yours to his collection, are you willing and ready to accept his tender loving care by becoming part of his family?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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