the traveling salesman

There was a time when you didn’t have to leave your neighborhood to shop for the everyday essentials. On the weekend starting early in the morning you would hear the merchants calling to the households announcing their presence.

Everything was on the truck; potatoes, tomatoes,onions,peppers, greens, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melons. Some even had fresh eggs and meat, you could shop just steps from your door.

It wouldn’t be long before you could hear ” Ice cold milk, come and get it”. For some milk and juice would be delivered right to their door step. Leave the empty bottles and receive the filled ones .

Books, magazines, valcum cleaners and even cosmetics could be purchased without ever leaving your home, you could count on the traveling salesman. I have no doubt some of you have not experienced this on so large a scale.

Yet, there are those who even today bring their products to the door step just not so much anymore. If you really think about it there are two very prominent traveling salesman still operating today.

Both with different agendas both seeking to capture the attention of its audience. The first one is cunning, deceitful, selfish and inconsiderate. He plans to make his sale no matter what he has to do. He will promise whatever he thinks will win him the prize.

He will offer fortune  and fame at what he says is no cost to you; he is giving it away. But there is just one catch to his offer; you must give him your soul, obey his instructions, and follow his leading. The only problem is he is a lost being, following him leads to self destruction and eternal damnation.

The second one is of a gentle spirit, he desire to help all he meets; he is kind, compassionate,understanding, and sympathetic to the burdens of men. He too is willing to do whatever it takes to claim souls, even die for them.

There is no cost to you because he paid the cost himself.Yet, there is a catch; you must choose to serve him by loving others,by obeying his instructions and following his leading. The difference is he will not leave you but show you the way.

He will surround you with his love,joy, and peace and he will protect you from the storms that come against you. He desires your salvation not your destruction. Just like when you are shopping you compare the products, you weigh your options and decide which is the best for you.

They are both offered at no cost to you or so it may seem, one has a penalty; the other the penalty has been paid on your behalf. One will lead to total destruction, the other to total bliss; the choice is up to you.

Choose carefully, everything that glitters is not gold don’t be mislead thinking you can have the best of both worlds. When you make the wrong choice there is always the chance you will not escape the enemies grasp.

Once he has you he will not easily let go of his hold. Make the right choice the first time, you will enjoy all this world has to offer in peace and without consequences as well as eternity with the most loving salesman you will ever meet. He  has only your good in mind.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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