The flower garden

The ground was rough and rocky, it appeared nothing good could come out of it. It seemed hopeless to even spend any time trying to make it produce. However with the eye of the Gardner beauty could be seen beneath the rough exterior.

With loving hands he begins to prepare the ground for planting. First all the debris must be cleared from the space, the ground broken and tilled, and what to plant decided. The work of preparation is not always easy and requires dedication and strength to complete the task.

Once this step is completed he analyzes the soil; what does it need to enhance it’s ability to produce? what additional nutrients does it need? He now decides where each plant will go; will there be sufficient sunlight and rain to start the growth process, how long before he see evidence and will the end product meet his expectations.

The first blade of green answers some of those questions, before long the bud can be seen; then the flowers. The rough ground at first glance that was seen as worthless now displays the hidden beauty only the Gardner could see. So it is with our lives, at first glance they can seem so dark.

Lost in  the ways of a loveless world we are counted as worthless and un- salvageable; but, God looks at the beauty beneath the outward appearance. Like the Gardner he begins his work of uncovering the beauty within. He removes the crud, cleans us from the inside out, and restores peace and love to our lives.

As he fertilizes our lives with his mercy, rains on us with his love and shines on us with sunlight from his smile; we begin to grow. That which was once lost is found and what was thought to be nonredeemable has been redeemed. As we grow the more like him we become when we bask in his love, follow his example for life, and when we obey his instructions given by the helper he left to tend our gardens; the Holy Spirit.

There is something we must do to aide in our redemption, we must choose to be redeemed. Not everyone wishes to be rescued, some have decided to languish in the darkness of a loveless world. They are totally blind and do not want to see. When we choose to be redeemed our gardens bloom with the beauty of love.

The fragrance of our lives permeates the worlds flower garden uniting each one to another  until the full beauty of the garden can be seen by all.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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